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2 Kind Minds:
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For individual clients, who want to make meaningful changes. Find more information below. For the pricelist please follow the link.


For NGOs, Companies or Groups. Supporting their employees and members by offering opportunities to reflect, adjust and grow. Ensuring a stable performance and a balanced and happy life.


For individuals and groups. Learning new skills to stay in control of their stress, performance, goals – their life. Click below to read about topics, skills and tools you can acquire.


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Private Sessions

Psychological Counselling

With guidance into calmer waters

“The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus


Accepting the change and taking time to reflect on the things we value highly, on our relationships, on how we manage the time we have and on how to fill it with things we enjoy, can be hard.


It is normal to get sidetracked every now and then. This can affect the mood, the performance or the quality of life.


If you feel that the changes are overwhelming, that what you do and what surrounds you is not making you happy and fulfilled anymore, it is time to initiate a conscious change.


Feel free to contact 2 Kind Minds for a counselling session.

Webinars and Workshops


Sustainable Self-care

In this Webinar the focus lies on finding the right tools and exercises to create an individual self-care routine. This can be a new self-care routine, a SOS routine or a tool box of individual relaxation exercises. Every participant define their goal and will leave the webinar with a set of valuable tools that will help them relax in the future.

Time Management

During this webinar different time consuming habits e.g.: procrastination will be explored and easy strategies and tools will be presented to deal with the underlying issues as well as taking steps to make a meaningful change .

Sustainable Routines

This webinar is for everyone who has problems following through with certain resolutions or sticking with healthy routines. This is not rocket science. It requires a basic understanding of the dynamics of motivation and a realistic and structured way of setting goals.

Sleep & Time Change

The focus of this webinar can vary.
One option can be purely about improving sleep to feel more rested in the morning.
Another option is dealing with changes in the biological rhythm due to jet lag or light saving time.
Both webinars will include valuable tips, checklists and step-by-step instructions.

Grief & Resilience

During this webinar you will learn about the impact grief can have on the mental and physical well-being. How and why individual differences like the degree of resilience play a major role for recovery from a loss.
With clear instructions on how you can support yourself and loved ones in the process of dealing with grief you acquire skills that will support a complete recovery and help you to get help in time.

Stress Management

This webinar will give a short overview on the differences of acute and chronic stress e.g.: the paradox of why stress is important and same time critical to the physical and mental health. There will will a variety of tools and exercises presented which can flatten the stress curve and create a more productive and emotionally balanced state of mind.

Active Against Anxiety

During this webinar there will be time to talk about about the function of anxiety and how its signs can be spotted. Different coping strategies and techniques will enable you to feel more in control of your worries while having clear exercises which reduce stress and tension in the moment.

Sustainable Parenthood

This webinar is for all parents who feel that they usually do not have much time for themselves and often feel overwhelmed by the never ending demands of their social environment. In addition to effective self-care techniques, 2 Kinds Minds will help you re-discover your individuality and strength to become the role model you want to be.

Burnout & Boreout

In this webinar focuses on two extreme outcomes of chronic stress.
With a clear definition and a SOS-step-by-step approach, there will be good chances of recognizing the signs early enough to make a meaningful change to the course and steer into calmer waters of compassionate self-care.

Stress Management

Active Relaxation

Deep Relaxation: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

1 Hour of guided relaxation exercises.

Deep Relaxation: Autogenic Training

1 Hour of guided relaxation exercises.

Brief Relaxation: Relaxing Mix

30 Minutes of guided relaxation exercises.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

10 × 1 Hour to learn this effective technique.


Heide Nuutinen

Founder of 2 Kind Minds, licensed Psychologist (by Valvira), certified Relaxation Therapist with over 10 years experience in online counselling.


For me Psychology always found answers to my questions of WHY we think or behave in a certain way. During my studies I found it especially interesting to learn what motivates people, what defines their interests and how to help them to do what they really enjoy and can do best.
During the years I met many great people and tried out and came in touch with many techniques, exercises and stories, which help me and my clients to grow every day. This journey is ongoing and I enjoy every step of the way

Rising Awareness

During my work with many different clients from all over the world, I realized that feeling mentally unwell is still stigmatized and ignored in many countries and cultures.
For some people value equals productivity. That means that once someone feels overwhelmed or unwell, there is often guilt and shame arising as well. This makes an already difficult journey even harder because all this negativity decreases the quality of life even more. One of my goals is to raise awareness for mental health related issues and support my clients to find joy and meaning in what they are doing.
Mental health is connected to physical health, which means it needs care and awareness to thrive.

active Relaxation

Stress has always been influencing my life. I started being interested in meditation many years ago, read several books about mindfulness and went to a retreat to learn how to meditate. I still use the techniques on a regular basis. Later I became a licensed relaxation therapist and progressive muscle relaxation instructor because active relaxation exercises are a wonderful addition when regulating the stress level.
Besides psychological counselling sessions, I also offer deep relaxation sessions and training to help clients finding the right tools to successfully regulate their own stress levels. Proactive stress regulation helps to keep the stress levels down and saves energy for the things which ensure a balanced life e.g.: more time for family, reflection, sleep and exchange with friends.

Adding Value

In my work I try to add value to my client's life. I start by encouraging them to speak their mind freely, find acceptance for their own emotional state and set clear boundaries. Then I try to support them further by reclaiming time they thought was lost by restructuring the day, implementing new routines and training new habits. This is another wonderful way of supporting their mental well-being and increasing their chances to feel happy and fulfilled.


Happy Customers and Partners



Sustainable Self-care Webinar:

  • I found the practical advice about how to build sustainable self-care routines (e.g., find something that works in different settings) helpful. Most people probably know of techniques to try, but might struggle with building them into their routines, so I think this information is really important. I also thought that the guided relaxation was really well organised and executed. Your instructions were thoughtful, as you included a dry run with helpful photos before the PMR exercise and specific instructions if you e.g., suffered from foot cramps.

  • It was a very relaxing experience. They were both knowledgeable and friendly. It's a great service they are providing especially in these times. Thank you!

  • I liked the webinar as a whole, especially the explanations of the research and acknowledging that mindfulness and other techniques may not be applicable in many situations.

Psychological Counselling Sessions:

  • The professional seemed to be qualified and demonstrated a sense of empathy that's very much appreciated.

  • Very understanding and helpful professional. I can truly say that she cares about my well-being. Each session we make a ton of progress.

  • Very professional consulting, no judgment and always listening to your issue. Heide gives very simple and easy instruction/advice.

  • I like how Heide listens and does not judge and carries the conversation well!

  • I felt like during conversation with good colleague, I felt good to speak freely about everything.

  • Heide is a good listener and had important insights to help me reach my goals.

  • Heide is really great. She listens and then offers practical solutions and analysis of why I'm stressed or worried about a specific issue - she validates that what I'm feeling is normal and that there are ways to cope with the feelings. I really appreciate these sessions with her.

10 Session Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training:

  • The Relaxation technique works very well, the sessions are held in an enjoyable atmosphere. You care about our well-being a lot. The course is a great help for my everyday life. The pace is good and you are considerate of our needs. (Translated from German)

  • The calm and warm atmosphere made it easy to enjoy the training. Competent guidance. A lot of additional information and suggestions also about different relaxation methods. The instructor cares about supporting the individual needs of the participants, answering all the questions and offering support any time. (Translated from German)

Deep Relaxation:

  • The session is very calming and I almost fell asleep. You have such a calming voice and tone that I always wonder how you are not falling asleep yourself. (Translated from German)

  • I am always looking forward to this. When The night after the session I usually sleep very well. (Translated from German)

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